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Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT)

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Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT)

Musculoskeletal disease affects one out of every two individuals in the United States. Trauma, back pain, and arthritis are among common musculoskeletal conditions. Today, traditional methods, in a way, dominate the healthcare industry. However, it is not necessary that each treatment may have absolute benefits in store for everyone. Healthcare is changing dramatically with technological developments, and today, EMTT has proven to be a revolutionary technology for its patients. EMTT, or Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy, is a non-invasive and advanced form of regenerative therapy that uses electromagnetic fields to help patients with musculoskeletal disorders. EMTT differs from other forms of magnetic field therapy in its higher oscillation frequency and magnetic field strength. So, be it back pain or even inflammation of tendons or joints, Center For Auto Accident Injury Treatment can help with advanced treatment solutions.

Symptoms We Treat

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Benefits Of EMTT:

  • Evidence-based
  • Suitable for many conditions
  • Short treatment sessions
  • Little to no side effects or downtime
  • Convenient and more effective solution

How EMTT Works

EMTT is an advanced therapy that has proven to be an effective solution. Before proceeding further, we thoroughly assess the patient’s medical history, family history, signs or symptoms, and physical examination. The patient is asked to sit down while fully clothed during the procedure. Our treatment method is safe and effective. EMTT consists of a handheld or freestanding device that doesn’t touch the patient’s body. This uses electromagnetic transduction to generate a magnetic field that emits impulses at 3 Hz. Each impulse is released in nanoseconds but does not increase the treated tissues' temperature. This is a painless procedure with minimal discomfort but no known side effects. Depending on the condition, it is an outpatient procedure of 5-20 minutes, where the goal is to help the patient find relief from pain and get back to their routine.

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